Book Review: Freethinker, The Life and Works of Éva Circé Côté


Éva Circé Côté was a diehard Montrealer, writes Andrée Lévesque in her account of a woman whose impact has been, for too long, underestimated. As it turns out, this Montrealer was also a skilled journalist, a prolific writer, a provocative columnist, a lifelong librarian and an independent thinker who occupied a prominent place in the city. Yet her name is barely remembered. And without Freethinker, references to Circé-Côté would be limited to a handful of historical documents from the early 1900s. My review of Freethinker: The Life and Work of Éva Circé Côté by Andrée Lévesque, published at Between The Lines, appeared in the March/April 2018 edition of the CCPA Monitor.

The CCPA Monitor

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The Monitor, March/April 2018